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President William Ruto Set to Embark on a Transformative Development Tour of Mt. Kenya Region

On Saturday, August 5, the Mt. Kenya Region will witness a momentous event as President William Ruto kicks off a comprehensive and ambitious development tour. The tour promises to be a game-changer, with a focus on infrastructure, water projects, healthcare, and affordable housing initiatives. Let’s delve into the exciting highlights that await the region during this five-day journey of progress and prosperity.

💧 Water Supply Projects for a Brighter Future 💦

One of the key highlights of the tour is the commissioning of the Githurai Water Supply Project. This significant undertaking will benefit a staggering 500,000 residents, providing them with access to clean and safe water. Additionally, the project will connect 8,400 people to this vital resource, improving their quality of life and supporting the community’s development.

As part of President Ruto’s commitment to dignify the hardworking “Mama Mboga” vendors, the redevelopment of the Githurai Market will be inaugurated. The President’s vision to build 400 markets within three years showcases his dedication to empowering small traders and invigorating local economies.

🛣️ Road Infrastructure for Seamless Connectivity 🛣️

The tour includes a focus on road infrastructure, a critical element for the region’s economic growth. The Kagio Water Supply Project in Kagio Town, Kirinyaga County, will see its official commissioning, ensuring reliable water supply for the community.

The Marua – Kwa Wambui Road upgrade, covering a distance of 42.5 kilometers, is another milestone on the tour. This project will enhance connectivity and promote trade and commerce within the region.

In Mukurweini, Nyeri County, President Ruto will launch the upgrading and maintenance of the 45-kilometer Ichamara – Kariti road to bitumen standards. This essential development initiative will bolster transportation links and spur economic activities in the area.

Photo source: Ndindi Nyoro’s FB Account.

💼 Regional Leaders Conference and Cabinet Meeting 🤝

The tour is not only about projects and inaugurations but also about fostering meaningful dialogue and collaboration. President Ruto will chair a cabinet meeting at the prestigious Sagana State Lodge, where key decisions and policies will be deliberated upon for the region’s growth.

Moreover, a regional leaders conference will be hosted at the Sagana State Lodge, facilitating productive discussions among leaders from various sectors. This conference is poised to chart a cohesive roadmap for future development endeavors.

🏥 Transforming Healthcare for Better Lives 🏥

Healthcare remains a top priority during the tour, with the grand opening of the three-storeyed, 175-bed capacity Level IV Hospital in Naromoru. This state-of-the-art facility will offer advanced medical services and cater to the healthcare needs of the growing population in the region.

🏘️ Affordable Housing: A Dream Becomes Reality 🏘️

The tour will witness the groundbreaking of the Gichugu Affordable Housing Program in Kirinyaga County. This initiative, under the 200 units per constituency program, will construct 140 housing units, bringing the dream of affordable and quality housing to fruition for many families.

In Thika, Kiambu County, President Ruto will preside over the groundbreaking of another housing project, which will provide 975 units. A commendable aspect of this project is the allocation of 20% of the units for civil servants, reflecting the government’s commitment to supporting essential workers.

🎉 A Journey of Progress and Hope 🎉

As President William Ruto embarks on this transformative development tour of the Mt. Kenya Region, the people can look forward to a brighter future. The projects commissioned and inaugurated during this tour will create job opportunities, boost economic growth, improve healthcare accessibility, and provide affordable housing solutions. The tour represents a testament to the government’s dedication to the welfare and prosperity of its citizens, solidifying the region’s position as a thriving hub of progress. Together, let us celebrate this journey of hope and progress, as we work towards a stronger and more vibrant Mt. Kenya Region! 🌟🇰🇪

Summary of the Projects to be Initiated

  1. Commission the Githurai Water Supply Project, benefiting 500,000 residents and connecting 8,400 people to clean and safe water.
  2. Commission the redevelopment of Githurai Market to dignify Mama Mboga traders.
  3. Commission the Kagio Water Supply Project in Kagio Town, Kirinyaga County.
  4. Commission the upgrade of the 42.5Km Marua – Kwa Wambui Road.
  5. Launch the upgrading to bitumen standards and maintenance of the 45km Ichamara – Kariti road in Mukurweini, Nyeri County.
  6. Commission the Kaigonji water project.
  7. Commission the Othaya water project, benefiting 60,000 people with 216 new sewer connections.
  8. Open the Nyeri Stage and Bus Park.
  9. Chair a cabinet meeting at Sagana State Lodge.
  10. Open a new Kenya Co-operative Creameries (KCC) facility in Kiganjo.
  11. Host a regional leaders conference at the Sagana State Lodge.
  12. Open a three-storeyed, 175-bed capacity Level IV Hospital in Naromoru.
  13. Witness the groundbreaking of the Gichugu Affordable Housing Program in Kirinyaga County, consisting of 140 housing units.
  14. Preside over the groundbreaking of the housing project in Thika, Kiambu County, providing 975 units with 20% reserved for civil servants.

Source: Ruto’s X handle.

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