July 22, 2024
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Top Earning Kenyan YouTubers: A Look at the Biggest Stars Making Waves and Money on YouTube

📺💰 YouTube has become a goldmine for Kenyan content creators, especially celebrities, attracting a massive audience and engagement. This global video streaming platform provides a stage for all kinds of talent to shine and make money. Check out the top 10 highest-earning Kenyan YouTubers in January, 2023, no particular order:

1️⃣ Mungai Eve: With 628K subscribers, she earns an average of Ksh 1.5M per month through AdSense.

2️⃣ Njugush: This comedian boasts 600K subscribers and earns around Ksh 1M monthly, plus ad and endorsement deals.

3️⃣ Jalang’o: With over 582K subscribers, the comedian-politician earns big from YouTube, with estimated earnings of Ksh 4M.

4️⃣ Sauti Sol: Kenya’s celebrated music group has 962K subscribers, earning over Ksh 4.5M monthly.

5️⃣ Crazy Kennar: This rising comedian has 541K subscribers, with monthly earnings ranging from Ksh 600K to 1.5M.

6️⃣ Henry Desagu: With 662K subscribers, he earns around Ksh 500K monthly from YouTube and endorsements.

7️⃣ Diana Bahati: One of Kenya’s highest-paid YouTubers, she has 779K subscribers, earning between Ksh 400K and 1M monthly.

8️⃣ Otile Brown: The first Kenyan artist to reach 1M subscribers, he earns around Ksh 6M monthly with 1.31M subscribers.

9️⃣ Bahati: Another artist with 1.06M subscribers, he takes home an estimated Ksh 500K monthly.

🔟 The WaJesus Family: This inspiring couple shares advice with 562K subscribers, earning around Ksh 200K per month.

These creators showcase the potential of YouTube, using their talent and dedicated fanbase to earn significant incomes. 💪💸

These YouTubers exemplify the potential for financial success through the platform, leveraging their talent, creativity, and dedicated audiences to earn substantial incomes.

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